One of the key components to any public event is getting people to the location. There are many ways of making this happen: train, plane, limousine, towncar, bus or walking to name a few. Many will simply find their own arrangements, but some clients prefer to have transportation outlined in the contract.

The most common transportation requests for events are chauffeured cars and limousines. There are many different services offered by limousine companies. Sometimes, they offer party buses as well. However, not all limousine services offer them. If you are looking for transportation for a large group, it may be best to look for a charter bus.

Towncars generally hold three passengers, while limousines can hold anywhere from 6-10, depending on if they have been stretched. Party buses vary in size and can hold quite a few people. They also make for an interesting location for a party, as they are mobile and the party can be moved around the city to various exciting locals.

If you are creating an event that takes place in a remote area, a party bus may be the ideal solution. That way, your clients can enjoy themselves on the way to the location. It will keep the momentum going, helping to make the event a smashing success!

However, some events do not require transportation at all. Funerals, most large conventions, festivals and dinner parties generally do not require you to plan transportation for your clients at all.


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