Fitness Instructors Liability Insurance Requirements

Fitness Instructor Liability InsuranceFitness Instructors are in a unique position where they not only help people train their bodies, they often must dispense advice on various exercises and training regimens. Given the amount grey area involved, individuals who suffer an injury may attribute it to your negligence. For this reason, it is critical that you purchase a public liability insurance policy to protect your business.

What Public Liability Insurance Covers

Public liability insurance protects you from the following claims:

  • Legal representation and defence
  • Medical bills, hospital treatment, ambulance rides, and claims made by the NHS
  • Property damage caused by your negligence

If an accident were to occur, your public liability insurance would cover the entirety of the claim minus whatever excess is applicable. From the treatment and recovery of the injury to the defence of your claim and the compensation for any emotional trauma or lost wages, most public liability cover will give you peace of mind and full protection.

What public liability insurance will not cover is any injury or property damage suffered by people you employ. If you have a fitness instructor on payroll and they were to injure yourself due to faulty training equipment you provided, that would have to be covered by your employers’ liability insurance plan. These two packages can often be bundled together to provide greater discounts as opposed to purchasing them separately.

Examples of Public Liability Claims

There are a variety of ways you may be held accountable for an injury. For instance, suppose you were training an individual to do bicep curls and suggested increasing the amount of weight. If that weight increase resulted in a back injury, your client may believe you provide erroneous advice. Similarly, if you were spotting them during a bench press, and your hand slipped while raising the bar, you would be considered at fault for any accident that resulted.

Often times fitness trainers also are put in a position where they are suggesting various exercises, routines, and even diets. If any of these recommendations were to eventuate in an injury, illness, or allergic reaction, the trainer could be found negligible.

Anytime you are dealing with weights, there is also the possibility of a weight falling on a foot, or a piece of property. Moreover, all of this is not even taking into consideration the variety of ways an injury or property damage can occur from basic accidents, such as spills and falls.

Limits to Public Liability Cover

As a fitness instructor, you will likely have cover options starting as low as £1 million and as high as £10 million. However, given the way medical bills escalate, you may wish opt for the latter rather than the former. Talking with a licenced broker should give you an idea of what previous claims have cost, as well as how that applies to your particular business and risk. For example, the older, less athletic your clients, the more likely the chance of an injury and a resulting claim. Contact an ABI licenced broker for more information on your level of risk and the various insurance options.


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