The Importance of Liability Coverage for Qualified Gas Engineers

Gas Engineers LiabilityAs you might imagine, working as a gas engineer comes with a large amount of risk. While the likelihood of an accident is minimal, if something does happen the consequences are dire. A gas leak or explosion can result in severe injuries and property damage.

Public liability insurance can protect you from the costs of legal representation and medical treatment should such an incident occur. Most insurance companies will offer insurance for a variety of trades, from plumbers and electricians to gas engineers, with rates contingent on the level of risk.

Liability Insurance Cover

Public liability insurance provide indemnity for your business, paying out compensation in the event that a mistake occurs that results in injury or property damage. With most businesses, the most common claims are related to slips or trips, where a customer injures themselves in an area that does not provide sufficient warning. For a gas engineer, however, the risks are associated with the work itself.

If a gas cap was installed improperly and resulted in a leak, or a checkup was performed and certain hazards were not recognised, it could lead to a fire or explosion. The resulting injury could result in extensive medical treatment or even death. If the injured party could no longer work, then the gas engineer could be held liable for future earnings as well.

If a fire burned down a home, the cost of replacing the home and the property held therein could escalate into the millions. However, with a public liability policy, the business is typically only responsible for the excess. Legals costs and medical bills, including ambulance rides and NHS claims, is covered by the insurance company.

What Level of Public Liability Cover is Required?

Typically, the minimum level of cover a business can take out is £1 million, although some businesses will require a higher limit due to the amount of risk. There is also a financial incentive to have a higher limit. For instance, some customers will only do business with a gas engineer who has a liability policy of at least £5 million, as it gives them peace of mind that they will get full compensation in the event something were to go awry.

Registration for Gas Engineers

Gas and heating engineers that perform any type of gas maintenance must be registered on the Gas Safe Register in UK. In fact, not only are consumers advised that it is dangerous to use a gas engineer that is not on the register, it is also illegal for untrained gas fitters to work on a gas appliances.

The Gas Safe Register (GSR) is an official organisation in the UK that oversees gas safety. Consumers can easily check on the GSR’s website to confirm that the individual they are hiring is on the register.

However, of equal importance is having a public liability insurance policy that shows the consumer your business is capable of providing compensation in the event of an accident. Simply being on the Gas Safe Register is no guarantee that an accident won’t occur, so many consumers use public liability policies as a prerequisite for any technician or tradesman they employ. It is an important fact to keep in mind when shopping for insurance products.


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